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{reality} where it all started

Hi all! I want to apologize for the lack of posting the last little while, my laptop died!:(boo!!! Luckily I had learned a lesson early in my career, and had backed everything up on an external hard drive (and DVDs, can’t be too careful) so I didn’t lose anything! Unfortunately though, until I purchase a new one I don’t have access to the programs I use to view and edit my images. So, in the meantime, I wanted to share with you the story of where it all started!

It early 2007, and I had finally gotten my first DSLR! While it was an entry level camera, it was like a dream come true in my hands! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to capture moments and freeze them in time! I remember in the early 90’s I had an awesome neon pink camera, don’t hate, it was VERY cool at the time! Holding my very own DSLR, I put it straight into Manual Mode and started clicking like crazy!! Right from the start I knew I had a passion for photographing people, but being shy, I didn’t know how or where to start! Finally in the late summer of 2007, I asked a close friend if he wanted to “model” for me! EEEP! I can still feel my stomach on the way to our location, just a ball of nerves! I swear, it wasn’t more than 5 minutes, and I was on my stomach on the ground directing him, with intermittent “yes, just like that” and “look that way”” and of course for fun “work it”!! And that was it. From that moment on I was a Portrait Photographer. It light a fire under me that I’d never felt. An adrenalin rush that is incomparable! A new love!

In the 4 years since this first shoot, I’ve learned a lot! I’ve grown as an artist, and I’ve matured as a person. I’m now a mom, and while at times my “style” may have changed, I’ve stayed true to wanting to capture real moments! And I still get that adrenalin rush EVERY time I shoot! These first pictures may not be some of my best work, but I’ll never forget them! Enjoy!! (I had to make this post using Microsoft Paint! yikes! hahah)

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