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BUBBLES – Ottawa Toddler Photographer

This past weekend my lil man turned 17 months! In wanting to keep a better record of all those funny little things he says and does, here’s a list of his current favourites.

– BUBBLES! it’s definitely his clearest word
– Guncle and his loud scream noise
– colouring
– cheese (“yeesh”)
– bubbles (yes, he loves them this much)
– bathtime
– kissing me to “wake me up”, my lil prince charming
– “recycling” or making-a-mess-with-the-recycling
– talking – bubbles, mama, cheese, nana, car, walk, book, please, star, guncle, tonka, up, keys and poop

Summer is finally here, so keep checking back to see some fun stuff!

Ottawa Toddler Photographer


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