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Inspired Maternity Session – Ottawa Maternity Photographer

When I heard that this beautiful lady was pregnant I KNEW I had to take her maternity pictures! Fortunately for both of us, a mutual friend purchased her a shoot as a gift for her baby shower! We spoke back and forth a few times, and she mentioned to me what she had in mind for her session, I was both suuuper excited, and a little nervous! She wasn’t looking for any of the traditional poses or shots. She wanted to shoot in different decades, knitting in the 30/40’s, baking in the 50’s, and relaxing in the now. So on the day of our shoot, I show up at her house with a couple props in hand and get a tour of her gorgeous house! As she’s finishing getting ready she tells me that if it hadn’t been for the gift of the shoot, she probably wouldn’t have done it, (no stress on me now, right?! haha!) but that as she’s thought about it, having some memories of this time in her life wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Our shoot begins and we decided to start with the 1940’s, mama to be sitting in a beautiful chair knitting a blanket for her soon to be son and sipping on some tea. Elegant! From there we went into the kitchen and made a MESS 1950’s style! It was sooo much fun! I know if Mama is willing to make a mess just for pictures, she’s going to be the most fun Mama around! I think I’m still getting flour out of my gear! hehe! SO worth it!! We ended the session with Daddy and Mama to be cuddling on the couch and just being them. It was such a great day!

I think it’s safe to say that she’s since changed her tune about not wanting to do maternity pictures! hehe! Check out her sneak peek! To see some additional exclusive sneaks head over to Facebook!!


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Daniel Desforges - November 9, 2012 - 3:12 pm

Yet another beautiful shoot! With such wonderful people, ideas & of course photographer, I had no doubt it would turn out to be a success. There is a reason why you will ALWAYS be my one and only photographer for those special moments and people in my life!

Marnie Hayden - November 10, 2012 - 2:34 am

Love this post…such an inspired time!

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