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My Style

Photography is a bit like clothing… there are tons of different styles out there. I think it’s important that when you’re looking for a photographer, you look at their style carefully. If you are looking for studio type shots on a white background then, I’m not your photographer. My style is artistic, fresh, modern, intimate, real… and most importantly, YOU! I love a lifestyle/photojournalistic (is that a word?) approach to my sessions. Go on about your day, pretend I’m not there, and just for that split second where you’ve actually forgotten, I’ve caught that special look you give your loved one, or your toddler’s cheeky grin, and it’s perfect. There’s nothing better than having a memory that will last a lifetime of a moment that truly captures who you are. My sessions are laid back and stress free, so you can be you and have fun! There shouldn’t be any rules when it comes to a photography shoot, you want to run around bare foot, and wrestle in the grass? perfect! you want to cuddle on the couch, jump on the bed or bake some cookies? love it! (especially if you share!) Your session is just that, yours. Don’t worry about me, if need be, you’ll find me lying on the floor, or balancing one foot on your dresser just to get that perfect shot, and I’ll be loving ever minute of it!

What did you have in mind? Hit the contact button and let me know!:)