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{beauty} such grace…

A couple weeks ago, my roomie and I headed out for a nice sunset walk along the beach, yes, I know, how romantic… haha… I had this idea for a shoot long before we even left for the DR, and this was only take 1, unfortunately, it’s been literally raining EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. since… so I haven’t had a chance to try it again… but my glass is still half full, and it will be sunshine again, so stay tuned for take 2! Enjoy!


{reality} My other life.

I know I know… it’s been a while, but I have a good excuse! I’ve moved back to the Dominican Republic, and back to what feels like my other life. I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive before I left, but after all the “Welcome Home”s, and all the hugs, I remember why it was so hard to leave the first time. It’s been a crazy month getting things going, but in some ways it feels like I never left. While I haven’t had a chance to take out the “big” camera yet, here’s a little taste of things thus far. If you know anyone travelling to the DR this winter season, I’d love to do some beach sessions! Let me know! Enjoy!:)


{innocent} The reason my heart beats.

Get ready for a long post!:)These kids hold a HUUUUGE spot in my heart. I’ve known them since the oldest was about 1, and now, she’s 8 the next one is 5 and the youngest 18 months. I can’t believe how fast they grow!! Thalia, the big sister, is JUST like her mom, she’s caring, and loving. She wants you to be happy, and show’s her love easily on her sleeve. Mattheo, the middle child, is best described as My Little Monkey. As a baby he was just so content and happy. Now that he’s older he is just FULL of personality, loves to teach you things and is quickly (too quickly in my opion) growing into a man. Oliver, the inquisitive one, is my first and only Godson! *insert giant proud smile here* He, from day 1, has had a look in his eye like he’s observing it all, and taking it all in. He enjoys his independence and isn’t afraid to tell you how he’s feeling. And even though in his hysterics I’ve told him many times “you’re supposed to love me”, I know he will.. heheh heck, I’m the one who brings the chocolate!;)

I can honestly say my heart has been stretched to hold all this love. I look forward to watching them grow and mature in the years to come. Thank you for all you’ve taught me, and will teach me!! Enjoy your sneak peek.


{united} tis the season!

Ok… photographers reading this, prepare yourselves… So, I arrive very excited for the shoot. I’ve shot this wonderful family before, and they’re always super fun! I’m halfway through the shoot, all is going well, kids are adorable as usual.. and then it happens. My battery dies. Yeah, AND, I had accidentaly left my spare at a previous shoot. Now, I’m about 45 min away from home, and a minimum of 25 min from any camera store… exactly, insert panic here! I’m able to fire about 3 more shots, and that’s about it. At a loss for what else to do, I begin shooting with the family’s hand held point and shoot. I suppose I am now, more than ever, a firm believer in “The Best Camera Is The One With You” (or in my case, the one with a battery hehehe). I challenge you to figure out which ones were shot with my “professional” camera, and which were shot with a point and shoot. Enjoy your sneak peek!!courville_xmas_1courville_xmas_2

Danielle - November 30, 2009 - 6:38 am

Looks like so much FUN! Love some of the facial expressions in that first shot!

Laura Coxworth - January 16, 2010 - 7:03 pm

And THAT, my wonderful sister…. is why YOU ARE THE PRO!!!!!

{innocent} LOVE the mess!

What do you get when you combine the most adorable kids with an up for anything mom? A GORGEOUS MESS!!! I suppose, tis the season! There was snow.. there was tinsel, wrapping paper, bows… you name it!! I think i’m still pulling “snow” out of my hair! hehehe Merry Christmas (almost) and enjoy your sneak peek!

Danielle - November 27, 2009 - 9:23 am

How much FUN is this?! Great session Amanda! :-)