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{reality} where it all started

Hi all! I want to apologize for the lack of posting the last little while, my laptop died!:(boo!!! Luckily I had learned a lesson early in my career, and had backed everything up on an external hard drive (and DVDs, can’t be too careful) so I didn’t lose anything! Unfortunately though, until I purchase a new one I don’t have access to the programs I use to view and edit my images. So, in the meantime, I wanted to share with you the story of where it all started!

It early 2007, and I had finally gotten my first DSLR! While it was an entry level camera, it was like a dream come true in my hands! As far back as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to capture moments and freeze them in time! I remember in the early 90’s I had an awesome neon pink camera, don’t hate, it was VERY cool at the time! Holding my very own DSLR, I put it straight into Manual Mode and started clicking like crazy!! Right from the start I knew I had a passion for photographing people, but being shy, I didn’t know how or where to start! Finally in the late summer of 2007, I asked a close friend if he wanted to “model” for me! EEEP! I can still feel my stomach on the way to our location, just a ball of nerves! I swear, it wasn’t more than 5 minutes, and I was on my stomach on the ground directing him, with intermittent “yes, just like that” and “look that way”” and of course for fun “work it”!! And that was it. From that moment on I was a Portrait Photographer. It light a fire under me that I’d never felt. An adrenalin rush that is incomparable! A new love!

In the 4 years since this first shoot, I’ve learned a lot! I’ve grown as an artist, and I’ve matured as a person. I’m now a mom, and while at times my “style” may have changed, I’ve stayed true to wanting to capture real moments! And I still get that adrenalin rush EVERY time I shoot! These first pictures may not be some of my best work, but I’ll never forget them! Enjoy!! (I had to make this post using Microsoft Paint! yikes! hahah)

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{united} if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun

Let’s see how far back I can remember this family… maybe about 9 years? How they’ve changed!!! And multiplied! heheh! Don’t get me started on how beautiful and grown Adriana has become, just ridiculous! (makes me feel a little old!) And Jakob has to be one of the cutest little guys around, with those baby blues and big smiles! It was a tad chilly with a chance of rain today, so we decided to try something a little different and head to the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau! Too much fun! Not only was it warm, the lighting was perfect, and the exhibitions were fun!! I’m pretty sure us adults had more fun than Jakob did in the Children’s Museum! I think we filled our “passport”! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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{united} family, one of nature’s masterpieces

Last night I met with the McConnell family for the first time. They were gracious and fun! You could just tell how much they loved their little one! Well, can you blame them?? Just look at him! He was the sweetest little 1 year old, with amazing eyes, an adorable smile, and a mohawk!! He’ll definitely be a ladies man! This was my first time shooting at Mer Bleue’s boardwalk, and it definitely won’t be my last! It’s hard to believe we have something so beautiful right in the middle of the city! If you haven’t been there before, I encoruage you to go check it out! McConnell family, I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!

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{furry} Sir Quentin!

This past summer I spent a week visiting with family and was lucky enough to meet this handsome pup! Now, while he did try to eat my lil man, he was just a BIG ball of love and energy! It was nice getting a taste of the dog life and I couldn’t resist snapping a couple pictures! Have a pet you’d love me to photograph?? Email me:

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{innocent} gorgeous lil diva!

I’ve known this little one’s mama for who knows how many years, 10? 11? Let’s just say lots! When I found out we were both pregnant and due just a month apart, I was soo excited!!! Someone to com[are notes with, and someone to just talk about your baby with. Cause let’s face it, as mom’s that’s all we do, and all we want to do… talk about our kids! Let me tell ya, I could talk about her little one for DAYS!! She’s beautiful, and inquisitive, sweet, and cheeky! Oh, and did you see that hair of hers??!? I know right, JEALOUS!! I wish nothing but health and happiness for you both!! Enjoy your sneak peek!!!

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